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    For hotels, residence, hostels, cruise ship and house.
  • Trattamento e rimozione efficace ed ecologico

    For hotels, residence, hostels, cruise ship and house.

Our services

Canine inspection

A bed bug dog inspection is the fastest and most accurate method to determine if bed bugs are present. Dogs 'look' with their nose,

pin-pointing the presence of their target through the science of canine scent detection.

Eco-friendly bed bug treatment

We do not only provide canine inspection but we also support you with environmental friendly extermination methods of getting rid of bed bugs in a timely, convenient and very effective way.

Who we are

We eliminate bed bugs from your life

Dog Bed Bug helps you protect your home, your business, your family and your privacy.
Our "four-legged" inspection team are our stars. Canine inspection is the quickest and most effective way to detect bed bugs.
Dog Bed Bug is an Italian innovative start-up company that aims to respond to the growing problem of bed bug. We rely on the science of canine scent detection and a targeted protocol. We also provide you with eco-friendly treatment solutions.

Target sites

Bedbugs can spread everywhere. So this is why our canine team can be mobilized and be on your site within 72 hours or less anywhere in Italy or abroad always providing you with a fast, safe and accurate service.โ€‹


About Bed Bugs

If you know bed bugs habits and you are able to identify them, chances of avoiding them in the future will be definitively higher.

But if you do not a have a clue, do not miss the chance to learn more.

Bed bugs can be found anywhere around you whether in the best shops, restaurants, or fitness centers, hotels, your home. Any concentrated public or private gathering area has the potential to provide harbourage for a bed bug population. Bed bugs are not a sign of a dirty home or poor personal hygiene.

Why us

Certification. Integrity.

Third-party accreditation by NASDU, an independent European control company based in England, provides unbiased confirmation of our reliability. We protect our integrity because we follow our bed bug approach.

Privacy respect

We protect your privacy and we do not disturb or interfere with everyday life. Our inspections are discreet and not invasive. Our staff does not wear branded corporate uniform. Our dogs are brilliant actors and are often exchanged for pets.

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