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Dog Bed Bugs is a bedbug detection and elimination company that services London and surroundings.

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Matteo Lanciano

Tel: +39 334.9273954
โ€‹Email: matteo.lanciano@hotmail.it

My name is Matteo

"dog handler"

My fist job was as sales representative for a leading Pest control company for professional care.

With dedication and excellent training I came to have a thorough knowledge of extermination methods.

When I first became aware of the bed bug phenomenon and its increasing popularity I started doing extensive research to look for less invasive and preventing techniques.

Finally In 2014 during a Pest Control fair in the United States I got to know the rising innovative canine inspection for bed bugs and

I fell in love so much also considering my innate passion for dogs, that I decided to pioneer this method in Italy.

With a fellow friend, a knowledgeable dog trainer, we decided to train my dog Morgan to bed bug inspection.

Hostels, hotels, ships, prisons and reception centers were some of our clients. Results exceed expectations to traditional visual inspections (execution speed 8 times higher, 97% search accuracy)

After 3 years of success in Italy I came to the conclusion that I needed to move a step forward and launch the first professional bed bug inspection company to be agreed at European level. Meet with Ita, my new partner, and additional investment helped speed up the start up of Dog Bed Bugs.

We decided to implement the canine patrol with Alfie and get third party accreditation by NASDU that certifies the team as a whole (the dog and the handler).

My name is Alfie

"A bed bug pro"

I am 2-year old English springer spaniel dog breed certified by NASDU. I am the first proudly member of Dog Bed Bugs patrol. As puppy I showed great skills in hunting and detection. Athletic and versatile, I have been trained to the green tennis ball reward system from November 2017 to mid-February 2018.

My name is Ita

"dog handler"

The journey has been a part of my personal and previous working life in fashion and artistic science. And dogs, always my passion, accompanied me throughout my wandering around the world.

It was during my teenage years in California that I first became aware of the bed bugs problem for numerous cases reported in press releases. Moving to France and England the bed bug problem continued to haunt me even if indirectly. In 2012 something occurred that marked the second phase of my life: during a boat trip with my three children between Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia my eldest son developed an allergic reaction to bedbug bites.

From this personal experience I realized that something had to be done to solve the problem. As a sign of destiny I meet Matteo in 2017, and sharing the same passion for dogs we decided to join forces in the Dog Bed Bugs to respond alternatively and effectively to the arising bed bug problem. From there on, I studied and obtained from NASDU the certification as professional handler and follow Alfie in all our missions.

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