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Prevent infestations and find the problem earlier

For a problem in suspected area that needs to be confirmed.

Measure the effectiveness of the bed bug treatment or to make prevention

Dog ​​bed bugs protocol

First contact

Call us or send us an email to explain your problem and to fix an inspection if necessary


We will check the perimeter to be inspected, remove all obstacles and evaluate the best route for the inspection and we will then answer to all your questions.


We follow a scrupulous 3- step protocol :

Phase 1- Set Up
The inspection is performed in a targeted spot of your

home, office, hotel, hospital or other spaces often off-leash allowing the dog to follow his nose more freely. The dog can follow a perimeter of the room or run a zigzag pattern.

During this process we will remove cushions, bed sheets in layers and move some furniture to give the dog the chance to better detect bed bugs. We will make sure to be gentle and respectful of your personal belongings.

Phase 2 – Up and go
If an alert occurs, we will follow our protocol by making a preliminary check for signs of bed bugs.

If live bed bugs or viable eggs are detected, the dog is rewarded with his favorite play toy: this is what drives his relentless energy to hunting and fuels his determination.

The area is then marked and the search resumed.

If no immediate evidence of live bed bugs and viable eggs are uncovered, the area is marked for a second examination and the search is resumed.

After a thorough inspection of the entire targeted area, the dog will be taken off from the premises to rest.

We will then carry out a visual inspection of the area (bed, furniture, switch plates covers , etc.) to detect the presence of fecal stains, eggs, exuvia. We will give you a preliminary report and we will answer to your questions.

Phase 3- Final Reporting
We will email you a written summary report within 24 hours suggesting the treatment option that best matches your needs

Dogbedbugs: what more can we give

Eco-friendly bug treatment

We are experts in bed bug inspection. We are not a pest control company. You can count on us for unbiased confirmation.

We can advise you on different options but only if you want, you can take advantage of our eco-friendly, poison-free and environmentally responsible practices.

Our treatments aim to clean up the environments through the use of physical and mechanical means (heat, silicones, torches, diatom powder, water, scotch, bi-adhesive, vacuum cleaner, sandpaper, hair-dripper). By treating meticulously every corner of a room (2-3 hours per room) we allows you to immediately occupy the rooms afterwards.

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