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Dogbedbugs: Your reliable team



Our team is certified by NASDU an independent European control company based in England. Third-party accreditation provides you with extra guarantee that:

  • Our dogs are able to recognize live bed bugs scent from dead ones at various levels of concentration
  • Dog handlers can properly interpret the "alert" signal that indicates the presence of live bed bugs or eggs
  • Our success rate is 98% higher than any non-targeted treatment

We, as a team depend on each other: our dogs are athletes who exercise to maintain peak level performance.

NASDU acts as independent monitoring body and we strive every day with continuous training and following the Dog Bed Bugs protocol to guarantee a level of excellence in our bed bug inspections.


Privacy respect

We respect your privacy and act discreetly because we understand that negative word of mouth can ruin your company's reputation and cause tension in your private life. We use unbranded cars, we do not wear uniforms and our 4-legged terminators are often confused with pet animals.

We want to provide you with an excellent service and this is why we adapt to your timing needs: day, evening, overtime and even on weekends.

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